Overclocking Worklog #23: ProOC Championship 2016 – Round 2 Stage 3

The plan for tonight was to get a score done for the ProOC cup Round 2 Stage 3 at Futuremark 3DMark05. The hardware that I used was:
The plan was to beat my best 73k and it wasn’t very easy. I managed to get 78k and unfortunately I’m running into issues with Windows 8.1.

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My issues with Windows 8.1

The technique I use normally is to first do a fresh installation, then do a ghost image and from the ghost image I can then recover from bad OSs or when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, my images that I created for Windows 8.1 are bad – so I’ve now rebuild a new 8.1 image and it is .. not booting. So there are some issues with my Win8.1 that I used tonight and I wasn’t able to set LOD (Level of Details) and such as well as a couple of other tweaks. So I was running into a brick wall with that story and very frustratingly I now have to go and rebuild 8.1 from scratch.
So the score I got tonight, I’m not happy with it. 78k is not enough as far as I’m concerned. I need a score at least so that next week when I’m in Taiwan if I have some hardware problems or something goes missing or misplaced or damaged during transit – I don’t want to be left there for the stage hanging.
It all have to be done on Z170 and during computex we must be playing with X99. I’m only going to take one Z170 with me to computex and if something happens to it … I will be in trouble for this stage.
So it’s really important that I try to get a score done before I leave. There isn’t another planned bench session before I leave to #computex.

What I might just do

What I was planning to do was a little “what’s in my bag for computex video” on Thursday night (tonight), but what I need to do now is actually to do a quick score. If I can get Windows 8.1 sorted out prior, I should be able to just score within half an hour.
It’s not very technical. The CPU can do 6.5 and I’m happy with it being like that. I can maybe even squeeze a little more with a little bit more voltage. I didn’t played it much so there is still room to go. But I have to sort my Operating System…
So to close of this log I’m going to say Good Night / Good Day or Cheers !

Until next time Happy Benching

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