Overclocking Worklog #24: ProOC Championship 2016 – Round 2 Stage 4

Today the plan was to bench the wPrime 32m stage for the Pro OC Championship 2016. This is Round 2 Stage 4. For this, I used the following hardware:
So I’m using my good old Caseking CPU and I estimated based on what it has been able to do in the past about a 6.4 GHz on 4 cores 8 threads wPrime 32m run. And that prediction was absolutely spot on.
So I manage to run for around 3.109s. That put me tied for 14th place on HWBOT with four other guys. My efficiency was for the efforts I put in spot-on as well … of course, I could have improved slightly, but for the amount of time I have to get these runs in, I think it wasn’t too bad.
Once again, the plan was to just to get the Pro OC Championship going now that I’m back from #computex. And coming up later this week, I’m going to to the next round. As I will be away next week on vacation, I have to get all the rounds completed this week in advance. So, the fifth stage that’s coming up is on 3DMark06 . I plan to do that on Thursday and yeah, that will be be streamed live on my channel as usual.
In a nutshell, that was it for my benching session of today (June 14th 2016).

Computex feedback & thoughts

Now I do have some feedback and thoughts on what I experienced at #computex 2016 in Taipei. During the show, there was two important things that happened for overclocking:
  1. Intel launch the Broadwell-E CPUs – a 10 Core Core i7 6950X most importantly, and
  2. Motherboard manufacturers revealed their X99 refresh boards
It’s a little bit disappointing on the overclocking side of things, but they do clock well and you definitely get a gain from the extra two cores and improved architecture. I will definitely bringing you some Rampage V Edition 10 to the stream in the near future (hopefully very soon – I just miss a CPU at the moment >< )
Also, right before computex, Nvidia launched the GTX 1080 graphics cards. From what I’ve seen there were some BIOS issues that the guys were trying to resolve but as soon as that will be sorted out, I will be rushing out to get my hands on one of these GPUs. Of course, all that to post some scores and stream for you some serious 3D overclocking on the stream.

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