Overclocking Worklog #27: ProOC Championship R3 – HyperX Fury black testing

Today’s plan was to do some on-air memory testing for the ProOC Championship. We are currently in Round 3 and for now I’ve spend a little bit of time already on stage one and two, namely Cinebench R11.5 and Geekbench multicore.
This is my second session on Broadwell-E and the X99 refresh motherboard from ASUS – the Rampage V Edition 10, and I needed to get the grips with the likes of memory overclocking on this platform … which is still fairly new for me. Spending that kind of time focussing on memory is of great value for me as it helps me to lay the foundation of what I will be doing/using for the season ahead.
The hardware I used was :

How did it go?

I started of with Geekbench multicore. I’m using a set of Kingston HyperX Fury Black 2666 C15 1.3V. I started the session at 2666 and did a couple of control benchmarks upping the frequency as I jumped – eventually ending of with an overclock of 3400 MHz on the memory with some very nice tight timings.
The scores started off around 38,000 and I ended up with a score a little over 40,000 and that just by changing the memory timings and upping the frequency. So it does scale nicely with memory.

What’s next ?

The next step is to go cold. Get some liquid nitrogen back on the processor. Get up to 5 GHz (hopefully a little more) and run the required benches.
I will be back in the next couple of days. I’m not sure yet exactly when but it will most likely be on Saturday.

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