Overclocking Worklog #28: ProOC R3 Stage 1 – HyperX Fury, Intel Core i7 6950x ROG Rampage V Edition 10

This is my log for the overclocking session on Saturday, August 6th 2016. The ProOC Championship round three stage one submission window is currently open at OC Esports. And today was for me the occasion to just get a score for that one.
The hardware used for this session was :

How it went?

I managed to squeeze the 6950x CPU I’ve gotten from Intel South Africa to 5.125 GHz. This yielded me with a score of 29.07 points in Cinebench R11.5. I even got a 29.14 but I was unable to save the screenshot due to a cold bug. 🙁 And then following that I just couldn’t recover and get back to the same sort of speeds and settings …
In a nutshell, I managed to get another 100MHz out of the processor – that’s a good boost from the first time I tested it earlier last week. It’s a lot better than I expected which shows that sometimes you’ve got to keep on trying and not stall in first impressions. Another positive point for this session is the fact that the memory was also nicely tuned. The Kingston Technology HyperX Fury Black 2666 C15 base on AFR chips did great.
So yeah, overall it’s yeah … it’s Broadwell-E. As you may have seen, I’me not terribly exited about it – but all-in-all it was a good session nonetheless.

Now streaming on three platforms

Earlier this year I had already done some testing of the system with my crew, but this sessions was for me the very first time that I was streaming by myself on all three platforms at the same time:
What’s the point? Well simple: bandwidth. For me it’s easy to stream out a 1080p 3mbt/s but it’s not the case fore everyone. So now this way, which ever platform you are on, or whichever bandwidth you have, you can choose to watch from either services to accommodated your speed. Facebook streaming and YouTube streaming do offer lower bitrate transcoding of my stream, so you can easily stream at 480p or 720p to your desktop or mobile device. Quite practical!

Shoot out to my sponsors

I would like to also to take this occasion of writing this worklog to thanks my sponsor HyperX. HyperX which is sponsoring a whole year worth of ProOC – Awesome really! And also recently Intel South Africa for their support in this Round 3.

Coming up next

Stay tuned, I should be back tonight (EU time – 7/8pm-ish) with another live overclocking session. My focus will move a little bit with this time in mind the MSI Global Godlike OC Extreme competition. I’m really looking forward!
More info on that one here: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/msi_g…

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Until next time Happy Benching

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