Overclocking Worklog #29: Setting up Windows XP on X99 for the MSI Godlike OC Season 2

The plan today was a little different from the usual of what I do in my livestreams. I focused the whole session on doing a bit of preparation work for the MSI Global Godlike OC (Extreme) Season 2 competition that’s presently running at OC Esports.

Benching with Windows XP on Intel BDW-E

It’s a little complicated with the image and the boards that have officially no more support for Windows XP. But since the first round is on SuperPi 32M – and I’m sure a lot of you guys know that 32M is far better (I should say far more efficient) on Windows XP 32bit – and thus no choice really: I have to use this OS to have a chance being competitive for that stage.
So with the motherboards nat having anymore support for it, it’s really complicated and a pain to simply get it up and running. I haven’t monitored how much time it is that I’m sitting on this preparation, but it’s been two day now that I’m focussing on getting the configuration up and running .

What happened on the stream?

I did a little bit more fixing today on the stream this evening . I showed you guys a few of the tweaks I know and some of the essential knowledge I’ve got to share on the essential for SuperPi 32M. Feel free to watch the replay and grab some useful information from it.
I also walked you through the process I use to to clone my drives – which I believe to be an essential part of being a competitive overclocker (sadly enough). The fundamental here is to constantly try keeping a working baseline to which I can always roll back to in case of any corruption. This is a great way to not waste any time when the operating system breaks.
Watch the replay – it’s your call to think I do it the right way or not – in any case, I’m welcoming any suggestions 🙂

Coming up next

I will be back live on Thursday evening to bring you this time some real overclocking from the MSI Godlike competition … and hopefully some nice scores ! 🙂

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Until next time Happy Benching

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