Overclocking Worklog #32: Geekbench Multi on MSI X99A XPower Gaming TE and HyperX Fury Black – ProOC S2R3

This is my log for the session I held this morning (August 20th). Today the plan was to focus on the Pro OC Championship, Stage 2 which is all about Geekbench 3 multi-core. The hardware I used for today’s session is as following:
So this was for me the first time that I’ve been using this board. And also the first time I’m using a retail Broadwell-E CPU. I was really tight on the schedule today and unfortunately I’m on a business trip next week – so I had to try to get this session done as quickly as possible… (yeah I know …)

There is something wrong

I was able to get the CPU up to 5G, set the memory onto a 3200 profile and get some baseline scores. My Geekbench score on the first test is really low. It’s about 10,000 points lower than where it should be compared to other competitors that are running similar settings on their system. I’m not sure why I’m scoring so low, but it’s something that I have to investigate and take a closer look at.
For today, and for this round unfortunately, I have to be happy with the 45,000 scores and just smile and wait for a better chance. I’ve made a mark and noted down that I’ll have to do some more investigation here.
All-in-all, the MSI Global XPower is a nice motherboard. It’s really straight forward to use. Nothing overly complicated, and yeah, I’m quite happy with this first session on this particular board.

What’s next after I’m back?

The MSI OC Godlike competition will definitely be one of the things I will be spending more time one. It will be closing very soon, so that’s going to be a quick push to get a last chance to submit some better scores before the closing on Tuesday night.

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