Overclocking Worklog #33: Air testing with my Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4

Oh boy – It’s been a hell of a long day today! The plan was to try to do some repair on some memory modules that I was sent by Zadak (Z511). Unfortunately our border and customs control here in South Africa weren’t too happy with the shipment – they did an inspection – and yeah … they guys managed to damage all of the dimms (all four of them).
Repairing my memory modules … trying
So taking a look at the modules this is what it’s currently like. You can see that this is the condition that all of them arrived in:memory-repair
So the plan was to sort of Frankenstein two of the dimms to make at least two working modules. At the end of the day I did managed to get one back to life, and the other one that was repaired was giving me a boot error code of 55 on my motherboard. So unfortunately, out of four non-working dimms, I only managed to get one working – so I’m still heading nowhere really with that memory… Here is a little video I did on the process.
I won’t be, for obvious reasons, able to bring you some testing on that until I get some component list from the manufacturer to attempt further repairs.

Testing my Corsair kits

Other than that, it was a little bit late in the evening and I thought to myself – “well, let me just quickly do a little bit of air testing on the Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 modules”. And I got a little bit frustrated and quickly gave up after having a long day. So nothing really happened there.
The memory trains and sits at 3866 quite easily but I wasn’t able to get any sort of 32M stable with minimal tightening of the timings. So yeah … I wrapped it up quite quickly.

Coming next

I’m hopping to do some work tomorrow. And definitely do more on the MSI Godlike OC 2D Extreme competition. I’m pretty much out of the contest already. My memory is just not able to run 4000 on my MSI motherboard, so it’s more about just personal pride and glory than anything else really. And trying to improve my personal best on 32M 😀

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