Overclocking Worklog #34: GeekBench on MSI Z170i XPOWER Gaming TE and Intel Core i3 6320

Quick log from my OC session on the 30th of August. It’s half past ten in the evening and I must be honest, I’m a bit shattered. It’s been a hell of a long day. A full day at work and then go straight home and head to the OC Lab to try to improve my 32M score and my XTU score and finally just had a Geekbench score done to be competitive in all three rounds.
Hardware used in this session:
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 6320
  • Motherboard: MSI Gaming Z170I XPOWER Gaming Titanium
  • Fans: Cooler Master jetFlo 120
  • PSU: Corsair ELITE AX1500i
  • TIM: T-Grizzly Kryonaut
So for XTU I was able to improve my previous score by only 2 points. My memory just isn’t able to run like two thousand with some tight timings. The minute I tried to get to tight I was running in all sorts of headaches.

Tweaks for the MSI Z170i

I did learned a couple of good new tweaks on the Z170i motherboard. I worked out quite a few of the them, so best is you just watch my full replay to find out;)
That’s my little teaser there if you wanna know all the details…

Other than that ..

And then the last thing I did tonight was Geekbench which I just streamed. My previous bit on this was at 6G and that was on the impact. I was hopping to get around that same number on the Z170i again, but yeah … unfortunately I didn’t modified my motherboard and I was running in all sorts of issues. With the power and every-time it resets and cold bug and … yeah. It was quite a long and painful session. At the end of the day I just settled for you know a score at 5.75 GHz.

New personal best in Geekbench

I did beat my previous best score on this chip and on this benchmark so that’s a new personal best for me but not really competitive. I ended up with a score of 13750 and that’s a good thousand points behind where I need to be to beat the competitors.

MSI Godlike OC: it’s Over

So I’ve submitted all my best scores to the MSI Godlike OC competition. I’m currently placed fourth with 3 hours to go. I can guarantee you my scores will be out of the top 5 within the next three hours.
It was a really great competition and it was really great to take part in it. I really should improve my preparation time as well as I should have identified earlier that my memory wasn’t able to run as high as I needed it to.
This is all part of the learning curve and I know that this is the third competition with this sort of B-die. It hasn’t performed well and it’s time to spend the money and get a new set.

What’s next

Thinking forward we’ve got the HWBOT World Tour Finals coming up in Berlin in December. I will be using the G.Skill memory so that’s a good motivation to spend the money on getting a new kit. I’m still interested to see what the platform will be. If it’s going to be Broadwell-E I will have to get two new kits. It will be heavy on the pocket – so It might be time for a good fight.
Thursday night I will be back with on the ProOC cup as this will be pretty much my last chance there to improve my scores.

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