Overclocking Worklog #37: RX 480 Strix Overclocking with ASUS RealBench

We picked up tonight where we left it off last week with the RX480 Strix from ASUS Republic of Gamers overclocking exploration. The main differences for this session is that I went out today to buy “again” a new motherboard. 🙂
I’ve got myself the ASUS Maximus VIII Gene. The reason for that is mainly becasue my motherboards are all covered with Vaseline凡士林 and there are all sorts of weird issue going on, problems with memory clocking etc. After much troubleshooting I figured that this was mainly a problem with the board and in such case the best is to simply start from scratch back with a brand new motherboard.
Hardware used for tonight:
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Fix the RX480 Drivers issue

If you’ve paid attention, Tuesday I was experiencing some sort of driver issues on the RX480. The issue has been solved and it was resolved via a Windows hotfix.
So if you get the ASUS RX 480 Strix, make use of the Driver CD that comes with the card (seriously ^^). You will find on it the hot-fix software installation needed to resolve the issue you may have.

Back to RealBench

From there I moved back to RealBench again. I’ve done some memory tweaking and just got the memory to a nice frequency speed and then just basically went up with the processor starting at 4.2 GHz to 4.9. I just stopped short of 5G.

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