Overclocking Worklog #38: 3DMark Vantage on MSI X99A XPower, HyperX Fury and i7 6950X

Today was all about the Pro OC Championship and more specifically the 3DMark Vantage stage. Here is the hardware I used today :
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Apologies for the stream issues

I had a couple of issues on the stream. There seems to be some bandwidth issues .. or something like that… between myself and the server I’m streaming too. So thinks are a little bit rocky at the moment and I apologized for that.

Troubles with my HyperX kits & how I fixed it

Other issues I had tonight was with my memory. I’m still using the HyperX sponsored Fury 2666 C16 kits. I just wasn’t able to get these kits to clock for some reason. What I ended up doing to sort of resolve the issue was to go offline, unmount everything and restart again from scratch.
This was mainly as a procedure that I have to figure out what the story was there. Eventually it came around and I managed to get the kits to clock a bit … very well in fact. I went up to 3000 C10! What I think I ended up doing wrong and only realized later is that I must have mixed up my modules and had them in the wrong order. A rookie mistake which costed me quite some valuable time there, but this is a good tip for you to write down in your troubleshooting checklist.
When you tested things individually and made sure they work in a particular order, make sure to check that you get that order right each time. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an embarrassing stream like the one I had today.

So what about the score?

In the end I did managed to complete one score of 85000 and then I did a recording of a run in which I managed to get 87000 on 3DMark vantage. Unfortunately the cold bug of the CPU had really become funny tonight at that particular point in time and moved to 105 C and with that hard CPU wall I ended up loosing that score.
And you know as I was trying to record that run, talk to you for the video and monitor temperatures all at ones … well I missed the mark.

Coming next

I might try again on Tuesday to go back to 3DMark vantage and see if I can improve that score a little bit. I’m not quite sure yet. Let me know what you guys think. Anyhow otherwise I will have to be happy with the 85k score.
I really need to spend more time on Broadwell-E. I’m starting to feel the pain of BDW-E in combination with Hynix memory. But that’s part of the challenge.
Time to get now a good night of rest and I see you all on Tuesday evening for my next stream!

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