Overclocking Worklog #39: XTU Air OC Guide with ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Gene, HyperX Fury, Core i5 6500

Quick session tonight – September 20th. I focused on making a little video guide on the overclocking of the Non-K core i56500 along with the ASUS Republic of Gamers Maximus VIII Gene and the Intel XTU benchmark.
Here is the full hardware list:
There are a couple of things that you really need to understand about doing non-K overclocking for XTU. In a nutshell, we’ve started off with a base score of 984 marks and we managed then to climb progressively through the increase of mainly the base-clock to find our maximum.
After we’ve found that maximum, we switch to memory and pushed it up step by step. You can find more details about that described in the whole replay of the session over here :
At the end of the session we’ve managed to reach a score of 1085 marks. That’s quite a decent increase if you are looking back at our stock score – about 100 points. So this is with only the changing of a couple of basics, nothing more.
So we’ve started out, maximised our XTU score with a non-K processor and this way you too might get some decent help out of the session for today. So yeah, if you don’t have an unlocked CPU – everything isn’t totally lost as you can see!

Coming Next

I will be back next week for sure on Thursday with this time some K overclocking (yes because its just more fun). It will be on Air again, so we will be benching on the edge with the thermal limit and you will see that there are some quite interesting things that will start to happen!

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