Overclocking Worklog #40: XTU Guide with ROG Maximus VIII Gene, Core i7 6700k and Galax HOF memory

So I’ve just wrapped up my second XTU Guide overclocking session on the Intel core i7 6700K processor. Today was a little different from what I did on Tuesday (log over here) when I did overclocking with XTU on a non-K (not unlocked) CPU the i5 6500.
The main differences of course being that on the non-K you are limited by a base-clock of around 102 in addition to the locked multipliers and on the K processors you’ve got a lot more options to play with: base-clock, multiplier and all the underlying tweaks and combinations.
My hardware for tonight:
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So in this session I ran you through all the main basics which where introduce on Tuesday with some additional extras. Definitely some good tips in this session which should be fairly useful to you if you are taking part in one of the many competitions using XTU at the moment over at OC Esports.

The challenge of going back to Air Overclocking

As usual haha, I ran in some memory issues – who doesn’t ? More seriously, I’v realized that my air overclocking skills aren’t anymore what they used to be, or at least not anymore in par with what I’m nowadays used to do on liquid nitrogen. I have to admit that you quickly loose some of the “Air Overclocking” reflexes and it’s definitely a great thing even for me to go back to some simple Air OC basics to re-discover some of the things you don’t need to care about ones you switch to LN2. A good learning right there!

Air OC = More bouderies, more care with voltages, more control over what you set why, and when.

Anyhow, let me know if you have any questions – I’m always really happy to hear from you and help you out in your overclocking, or simply component choices for your next rig.

News from the OC World

One more thing before wrapping up here. GALAX has announced the GOC qualifiers. The live finals are going to take place this year again. Qualifiers should start next month (October) with limitations set to the Galax HOF 1060 as well as a select HOF memory kit. So this should be quite an interesting contest and I will for sure take part in this one 🙂
There are some very good Galax DDR4 dimms out there .. and some slightly less good ones, so the lottery is on!
It will be hosted this year at HWBOT rather than like the previous years over at the Futuremark site. There will be four stages in the qualifiers. Three of them are 3D and one is 2D (memory) with 32M. Quite interesting and I’m planning on taking part and hopefully share with you some cool insights form behind the scenes.

Up Next : Business training !

Next week I’ll be away doing training so I’m not going to be doing any streams. But the week after we will be back at it with in sight the Realbench Challenge Part 2. Don’t also forget to follow the ProOC Championship as the round is closing up this weekend – keep your eyes up for some of the top guys, we shall see some heavy action right there.

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Until next time Happy Benching

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