Overclocking Worklog #42: Benching the GTX 1060 HOF for GOC 2016

Welcome back to my written worklogs. It’s been a while .. I know but hey – I’ve been busy!
The Plan tonight was to bench 3DMark11 for the GALAX GOC 2016 qualifiers that are currently taking place at OC Esports. The session again was a bit of a flop (well … not as bad as the first one earlier this week but ..). When I loaded the overclocking profile on my motherboard – yes, the one I spent a couple of days already working with – the motherboard didn’t wanted to boot anymore. #fail
This is the hardware I’ve been using:
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A series of issues lately ….

So a couple of things have been happening over the pas couple of days. Yesterday I did 32M again – my session ended abruptly with a 00 post code half-way through the session. This evening the session ended exactly the same way. I’m starting to have some serious suspicions with this motherboard.
Let me explain. 00 usually indicates something like a dead CPU. And on closer inspection of the board this evening after dissembling the system I noticed that one the I/O panels over here I’ve had a bit of moisture build up on the pins – which I don’t think have been insulated too well. So, it could be that this moisture on the debug LED is giving me that 00 code.
I also noticed that inside the HDMI connector their is also quite a bit of moisture. So this moisture issue that I had yesterday and that I still had today is all because of the changing temperatures at this time of the year in South Africa. The humidity levels are going up through the roof, the temperatures are souring and this explains all this humidity and condensation as soon as I’m hitting cold.


So I’m going to have to do a much better job from now on with the insulation of my board and just make sure that my session don’t abruptly stop like that.

Memory profiles

The problem I had wit the memory profiles are I think due to a little bit of dirt under the CPU. My hands might not have been clean enough when I was mounting. It’s quite common for that type of thing to happen and the important thing for you is always to remember the type of issues you have, so that when these come up again, you can resolve them quickly. Especially for live competitions!

Next up

I will be doing some more live benching this weekend. The GOC online qualifiers come to an end in nine days from now – that’s not a lot of time left and for now the only scores I’ve got are my 32M score up on the competition page… so it’s going to be sort of a “balls to the walls” attitude here with some overclocking as often as possible to make up for that in time.
Next session : Preparation of my GTX 1060 for LN2 overclocking!

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Until next time Happy Benching

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