Quick Test: Jabra Stealth Bluetooth headset against the Plantronics Marque 2

Streaming overclocking isn’t practical with the likes of wired or wireless gaming headsets. I’m moving around a lot, I need to have my hands free at all times, and I need to hear things such as LN2 level in the pots ou the sweet sounds of power phases singing on the gear when I crank up the load (I digress …).

So the best I’ve found (at an affordable level) is to use Bluetooth (BT) mono headsets or earpieces. It’s the headsets people use for hands-free driving but they are actually perfect for live stream overclocking.

The issue is to find a good one….
I’ve test a few, and this is a test of the new Jabra Stealth compared to the current one I have, the Plantronics Marque 2.


My thoughts on the Jabra Stealth

I believe I still need to reduce the volume to reduce saturation and peaking, and eventually play with an equalizer to lower the trebles and even the basses. But overall seems that the sound is better, and most important the BT signal is better as I move around in the lab – which is sort of critical.

Product page: http://www.jabra.com/bluetooth-headsets/jabra-stealth

Definitely let me know what you thing. I’m far from being an expert here – and it seems that finding the right BT headset that is great for live streaming “hands free” and for creative arts is sort of difficult.

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