rAge Expo 2016 – MSI Gaming Workshop – My Recap!

If you’ve been living under a rock here in South Africa, about a week (or two) ago, there was the rAge Expo here in Johannesburg. This is the biggest gaming / Lan expo in South Africa and it’s held at the ticket pro dome.
This year I was helping MSI South Africa with the MSI Gaming Workshop. It was in tow parts actually: a “build your PC 101” and a “tweak your PC 101” activity. The whole idea was to give some guys the chance to learn building a gaming rig for the first time and tweak their newly build system.

The organizing crew!
It was a very good event, very nicely received. In total we had a little over 70 people turning up for the various workshop sessions. While Pepinorang was focussing his efforts on the PC Tweaking workshop, I took care of the PC building part.
For these workshops, we’ve had some pretty cool hardware and it was great to see the participants able to go from scratch to a fully assembled and working PC. They learned how to install the cooler back-plate, insert a CPU in the socket, add thermal grease, mount the cooler, setup everything in the case, connect all the right cables at the right places etc.
Overall, a great event. Thanks to all participants and partners (MSI South Africa, Corsair, Intel, Intel Africa, NVIDIA, MSI Global) for this formidable opportunity.

What about my streams?

While this kept me really really busy over the last 2-3 weeks I wasn’t doing much in the Lab. So my apologies for the very few updates, streams and overclocking content on my side.
O wait … I did quickly some benching with Pepinorang on his last evening here in South Africa before his return to Taipei 😀 Mostly preparation on MSI hardware for the HWBOT World Championship – More to come about that soon

Winner of the Event Giveaway

Before I forget! At the event we gave away a complete PC and the winner was announced a few days ago on the MSI South Africa fan page. I’ve got all the parts here in the lab and will be taking care of building the PC for you – and eventually deliver it to your house if you live in the Johannesburg area. So Congrats!

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